Making Nut Cheese With Magic Spark!

The best topping to our paleo spaghetti (and many other things, too) is nut cheese. It’s a fantastic paleo alternative for Parmesan, and that is what we originally used it for. Then we found it so tasty, we put it on just about everything that needs a salty, cheesy kick. We’ve even tossed leftover spaghetti squash noodles in some schmaltz and nut cheese and called it a meal. You can find the recipe over at the Detoxinista’s site, and here’s Magic Spark showing you how to make it. Enjoy!


Transcript of video:

Magic Mama: And action!

Magic Spark: So this is Magic Spark, and today we’re going to be showing you how to make nut cheese. It has cashews.

Magic Mama: Go ahead and poor that in.

Magic Spark: And now nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast goes in next. And then salt, which is this. Pour it in. And then blend.

Magic Mama: You’ve got to put the lid on, right?

Magic Spark: Yes. I am. Might need help. Where’s the arrows? Is there any arrows on this?

Magic Mama: Let me help you. Do you need some ear protection?

Magic Spark: Yes.

Magic Mama: All right.

Magic Spark: And then GO!

Magic Mama: Go ahead, blend away.

Magic Spark: What?

Magic Mama: Go ahead. OK. Take the lid back off.

Magic Spark: Now what are we doing?

Magic Mama: Now we’ve just got to look and make sure it’s all blended, right? OK.

Magic Spark: I’ll have a taste.

Magic Mama: And there we have it. Nut cheese. Perfect.

Magic Spark: I want a taste.

Magic Mama: What are we going to eat that on?

Magic Spark: Spaghetti!

Magic Mama: Spaghetti!

Magic Spark: I think I want a taste. Bye, everyone. Bye, everyone. Is it OK if I reach this in? Just a little one?

Magic Mama: Go ahead and have a taste.

Magic Spark: I’m the one who does most tasting if I want to.

Magic Mama: That’s a big taste.

Magic Spark: I know.

Magic Mama: Is it good?

Magic Spark: Yes.

Magic Mama: Is it magic goodness?

Magic Spark: Mm hmm. I want to put it in this.

Magic Mama: No, we’ll put it in a jar. Bye, everyone!

Magic Spark: Bye, everyone!


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