Nibblin’ Nibblers

Once upon a time, Magic Papa and I worried and wondered about how to get Magic Spark to eat more vegetables. We tried to trust that her body would tell her what to eat and when and how much, but it can be hard when your child is a blatant carnivore who prefers meat to almost anything else. Eventually we relaxed, because she loves green juice, and it turns out she does like veggies. It’s just sometimes she likes them frozen, and sometimes she likes them raw, and she only occasionally likes them cooked.

The best way we’ve found is to just put lots of different things in front of her throughout the week and let her pick whatever she finds appealing. We’ve discovered that we all get a little snacky between breakfast and lunch, so we instituted the Nibblin’ Tray. Somebody (usually Magic Papa) chops up a selection of whatever raw veggies and fruits we have on hand and makes a dip or three, and it sits on our table until it’s empty or until the table needs to be cleared. Some days, the Nibblin’ Tray is lunch, because we just devour it and find we’re not hungry at lunch time. Other days, we use the veggies from the tray in our dinner meal.

nibblin tray
This Nibblin’ Tray has bananas, apples, carrots, coconut flour biscuits (leftover from breakfast), cashews, and raisins.

Some days there’s more fruits than veggies, and some days it’s all veggies. Either way, the more often veggies are offered, the more often Magic Spark chooses them, especially if they’re raw. Another handy benefit is because it’s there on the table until it’s gone, Magic Spark has no reason to tell us that she’s hungry and wants a snack. She can just go to the table and choose whatever she wants.

nibblin 03
This Nibblin’ Tray has carrots, celery, apples, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, cashews, almonds, and three dips. Yum!

To make this a viable meal option, we like to include fat and protein choices with the tray. Sometimes that means nuts, and sometimes we take that into consideration when we make the dips. One of my favorite dips is actually incredibly simple. It’s just virgin coconut oil with a little raw honey and salt mixed in. The fancier, tastier, more complicated dips are Magic Papa’s department.

nibblin nibbler
Magic Spark is a nibblin’ nibbler.

Interestingly enough, the more we put veggies in front of Magic Spark to give her lots of opportunities to eat them, the more they are also in front of me and Magic Papa. We’re all eating more fresh, raw veggies now, and you know what? It’s magic goodness.


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