Magic Green Juice Cubes

Once upon a time, I made green juice every morning. That was when Magic Spark was smaller, when I had one horse and she was boarded away from home, when I had a super fast centrifugal juicer (and didn’t know slow juicers are so much better). For a number of reasons, I didn’t stick with it as consistently as I planned.

Magic Spark stealing my green juice, back in May of 2013
Magic Spark stealing my green juice, back in May of 2013

Green juice has been a big thing here, even if it’s been sporadic. We all look forward to having it. If we go too long without, Magic Spark starts asking for it all the time. But I just don’t have the time to make a fresh batch of green juice every day.

The solution? Green juice cubes. I make a huge batch and freeze it, and then we can add a cube to tea or juice or a smoothie or whatever. I’ve even added it to a veggie-and-egg scramble and the smooshed strawberries we make to go over biscuits or pancakes. And green juice tea is something we do every morning now. Magic Papa loves it. So now we can have green juice every day, and I only have to make it every week or two.

Green juice makes Magic Spark happy!
Green juice makes Magic Spark happy!

The juice for these cubes wasn’t designed to be super palatable. I didn’t want to be juicing veggies all day, so I streamlined it and planned for the cubes to be added to something sweet. So they’re basically fresh greens with just enough in the way of other stuff to get the greens through the juicer.

This time I used lots of spinach, apples, carrots, celery, and lemons.
All you need is greens, other produce, and a juicer.

In the winter, I usually get one or two big bags of baby kale, spinach, and chard. (I prefer fresh, local stuff when it’s in season.) This time, I couldn’t find my usual greens, so I got a ginormous bag of fresh spinach instead. Then I added some other veggies and fruits to chop. Celery for magnesium and other good stuff, and carrots, apples, and lemons to help the juicer process all the spinach.

Fruits and veggies, all chopped up.
Fruits and veggies, all chopped up.

Once everything is chopped into a size I know my juicer can handle when it’s stuffed with greens, I get started with the juicing. The juicer I use is a Hurom Premium masticating juicer, or slow juicer. It takes a bit longer than a centrifugal juicer, but you get so much more in the way of nutrients. And you get more juice and dryer pulp. And less oxidization. So it’s totally worth it.

Magic Spark is the best helping helper.
Magic Spark is the best helping helper.

After every few handfuls of greens, I throw in an apple or carrot chunk. If the juicer seems to be straining (no pun intended), I’ll toss in a chunk of lemon. Sometimes the extra juiciness helps the pulp move down the auger. And sometimes the greens get bunched up in the hopper hole, and I have to use the tamper to push them down.

green juice IMG_0624
Magic Spark really wants to help with the tamper, too.

I ended up chopping another couple of apples and carrots, and I kept going until we had a full pitcher full of juice. I didn’t use the whole bag of spinach, but I came close! That’s a lot of greens.

Look at all that pulp! We'll have some happy chickens tomorrow.
Look at all that pulp! There’s going to be some happy chickens tomorrow.

Now all that’s left to do is pour it into some ice cube trays and pop it in the freezer. We filled two trays this time, and left some in the pitcher for Magic Spark to drink and for all of us to use in the morning. I would’ve filled more trays, but they were already full of other stuff.

Green juice cubes in the making.
Green juice cubes in the making.

These cubes are extra green because I only used spinach. Usually, they’re a darker, almost purple-green, thanks to the chard and kale. But Magic Spark doesn’t care what shade of green they are. She drinks the juice and eats the cubes plain.

green juice IMG_0641
AND she can pour it herself!

I’ve mentioned before that Magic Papa and I used to worry a bit about whether or not Magic Spark was getting enough in the way of veggies. Well, if we keep green juice on hand, either fresh or frozen, there’s no wondering. She loves it. She’ll drink the whole pitcher, one little glassful at a time.


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