How to Make PMS Go Away, Naturally

This post is for women, and the people who love them. Which is to say, this post is for everybody, but I’m going to talk about lady stuff (like MENSTRUATION! Scary!) so if that’s not your thing, you’ve been warned.

Actually, all I’m going to talk about is how to stop with the PMS already, and I won’t even get into the nitty gritty details. And you’ve probably figured out by now that I’m all about natural remedies, right? So let’s talk about natural PMS relief.

Here’s the thing. I’ve had cramps so bad they’ve made me vomit. I’ve had cramps so bad I passed out and was sent home from work. (Because passing out is unsafe in the workplace, but not in a vehicle? Hmm…) And I’ve had lots of other unpleasant side effects stemming from the monthly blessing of womanhood.

Years and years ago, I realized that all these horse supplements for cranky mares, like Mare Magic and Mare Calm, used magnesium and B vitamins. Other things, too, but those were the same across brands. So I wondered, if it helps these cranky, unpredictable mares, maybe it helps with human hormones, too. I started taking B vitamins, which helped tremendously, but I didn’t stick with it. And not all supplements are really natural anyway.

A few years ago, I started making green juice with kale, zucchini, cucumber, celery, apples, and lemon. I made it fresh every day, and Magic Spark and I would each have a glass in the morning. It was awesome. And one of the many benefits that I noticed was almost no cramps and significantly improved everything else. But juicing takes a lot of work and a lot of fresh produce, so I didn’t stick with that as religiously as I would’ve liked. (Now we make green juice cubes instead, which works so much better.) So I found two PMS remedies that worked pretty well, but none that I could stick with.

Around that same time, we stopped using over-the-counter pharmaceuticals for things like having a cold. Where I used to rely on Theraflu or Sudafed, I started making a power-packed echinacea tea and bone broth and eating raw garlic. These things helped with colds tremendously, but it wasn’t until I stumbled across Traditional Medicinals’ Gypsy Cold Care tea that I felt I could get through a cold without staying in bed all day every day or relying on over-the-counter meds. We started using their echinacea tea and Breathe Easy and Throat Coat to help boost our immune systems and treat cold symptoms as necessary.

These teas are awesome, and I’ve really come to trust Traditional Medicinals. So when I found a tea called Healthy Cycle on Amazon last month, I decided to give it a try.

I love this tea.
I love this tea.

I started having at least a cup each day. We each have a cup of tea every morning in the winter anyway, so it’s not like I have to remember anything extra. It’s just part of the routine–go feed the horse with Magic Spark, come in and start some tea.

After three or four days, my period started. There were no cramps. There was no crankiness or irritability. There was no warning at all. And I continued having at least a cup each day, and my period was lighter, shorter, and friendlier. Well, I was friendlier, anyway.

Healthy Cycle tea is awesome.
Healthy Cycle tea is awesome.

So now my natural PMS relief is covered. I’ll be having a cup of Healthy Cycle tea every day. I’m not sure what I’ll do when the weather is warm and I don’t want hot tea. Maybe I’ll try it iced. For now, I’ll just enjoy a miraculously cramp-free existence.

And just in case you think this is the only post I’ll write about my period, you’re probably wrong. I’m sick and tired of buying “feminine hygiene” products. What is that, anyway? Feminine hygiene. So I’ll be trying some more sustainable alternatives, and if anything totally rocks my world and reduces my dependency on overpriced consumer products, I’ll be writing here to share.


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