The First Big Step

Today, we took the first big step on our grand adventure. We officially committed to this crazy journey. We spent the money we’ve raised so far by selling all of our stuff on a vehicle to travel in.

We were planning on getting an older Class C RV. We looked at several, but none were right. Some were too big, some needed too much work, and most in our price range were in some state of disrepair. We were starting to get disheartened. I kept thinking, we have no contingency plan. I mean, we told our landlord we’d be out by the end of the month. It was getting to the point where we’d have to find a vehicle very soon or start looking for a teeny, tiny apartment. And we really didn’t want to resort to a tiny apartment.

After a couple incredibly stressful days and some very serious discussions, we decided to open up our minds and hearts and look at some other options. I’d been looking at camper vans, most of which were out of our price range, and I was pretty much sold on the idea that smaller is better. Of course, smaller is a tough sell when you’re planning on bringing the things needed to craft items to sell at fairs and festivals.

We started watching videos about camper vans and vandwelling, and we bottom-lined the things we absolutely needed. To travel and survive, we need shelter, a comfortable bed, a way to keep food cold, a way to cook, and a bathroom. So the real bottom line is we have a car, a tent, an air mattress, a big cooler, a couple propane stoves, and a small potty for Magic Spark. Really, if we had to, we could travel in our car.

And if we could do it in our car, we can certainly do it in a van.

We also realized that if we had a van instead of an RV, that would open up our camping options a bit more. Vans can go some places that RVs can’t. And a big part of this adventure is exploring nature. We weren’t planning on hanging out in RV parks, after all. A van can also park a whole lot easier in a big city than an RV can. We started to get excited about vans.

So we took to craigslist and narrowed it down to a few in our price range. We found one that has some cosmetic damage and minor, minor issues, but it is big and has a bed in the back and storage space and runs well. So we bought it!

Because we bought a van, we’ll be able to have a bigger emergency fund when we hit the road, which is a load off our minds. I’m still going to get AAA. The insurance should be much cheaper than RV insurance, too. We’re going to take it to our mechanic next week and have it fully checked out, and we’ll probably find somewhere to get a quote on some of the cosmetic issues, but we’re really doing it. We have a van!

We have a van that can be converted into a camper van, piece by piece, if we want to. We have a van that can pull a camper trailer, if we want to. We have a van that can one day pull a horse trailer, like I’ll want to. We have a van!

We’ll spend the next week sorting through what remains of our stuff and really paring it down to the bare essentials. I’ve been wanting to minimize, and this is the perfect time. We’ll sell what we can and donate what we can’t sell and enjoy the last of our time on this beautiful farm, and then we’ll be taking off on our travels. So here’s to living in a van down by the river…and then in the woods…and then in the mountains…and then at the ocean…


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