It’s a Rocky Start, but It’s a Start!

Hello, everybody! It’s been too long since I’ve let you know what we’re up to. We’ve officially started our journey, though it has been a bit of a rough start. We had some unexpected expenses in the last week before we were planning on taking off–a couple of absolutely necessary repairs on the van and a big veterinarian bill. Additionally, a service I had called and canceled was not apparently canceled after all, and the outrageous amount of funds for that service were taken out of my account. All of these combined to create a perfect storm of stress and chaos.

Our original plan was to hang out at the beach for a week or so, then head to Vancouver to see our friend Farmer Tom and his wife, Paula. But we soon realized we didn’t have the funds for the beach. We pretty much had just enough for gas to get to Vancouver and a little bit for living expenses. So we’re hanging out at Farmer Tom’s for a few weeks, where Safe T can make hemp goods to take with him to Hempfest and I can use the beautiful, unlimited, super fast wifi to work.

As an added bonus, we’re camping out on an organic farm, and we’ve been given free rein to pick whatever veggies we want to eat whenever we want to eat them. My salads these days are as fresh as it gets. We’ve got an awesome camp site set up. Sometimes we sleep on an air mattress in a tent, sometimes we sleep in the van.  We’re helping out on the farm and having a great time.

A few other people camp out on the farm, either full time or from time to time. It’s sort of a sustainable living community tucked into the trees at the back of the property, and I’m digging it.

I’m glad we got a van instead of an RV because I feel like we don’t live in the van. We live outdoors. We only sleep in the van. If we had an RV, we’d probably be spending more time inside. Of course, my thoughts on how beneficial this is might change when the weather does.

So our plans are loose at the moment, but we’ll definitely go to Hempfest and the ocean. We’ll likely spend some time Labor Day weekend watching the Interstate Games and then be back in the Spokane area mid-September. And we’re definitely going to the big barter faire in Tonasket in October. After all that, we’re planning on heading down the coast and spending the winter in Arizona, but we’ll see which way the winds blow us, I suppose.


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