Camping Out at Farmer Tom’s Forest

We’ve set up camp in the forest on Farmer Tom’s organic farm. It’s beautiful here. Our camp site is right next to a garden full of rows and rows of organic veggies of all kinds, and every day we traipse on over and pick a fresh salad or fresh veggies to have with dinner. It’s amazing.

This beautiful organic garden is close to our camp.

Our camp is nestled into the trees at the back of the property. The trees are in perfect rows. This forest wants to be hammock city, if only we had many, many hammocks. It’s consistently a good 10 degrees cooler amongst the trees than it is on the rest of the farm, and every evening the wind picks up and cools us right off.

This could (should?) be hammock city.

The van backs in between the trees so only the front is sticking out, and we lined the backs of the two sets of shelves with roofing material. It looks a bit shanty-ish when you first walk up, but once you’re on our side of things, it’s kinda cool.


One of the reasons we’re here is to learn the best ways to set up camp so we’ll already be pros when we get to other places, like barter faire. We’ve got everything organized and we’re streamlining a bit more. We have a cooking area and a dish washing station, a couple of tents and a 10×10 canopy, some shelves and several totes filled with everything we need.


The only tricky thing will be camping in places where we won’t be able to safely leave a bunch of stuff outside. We’ll have to move totes around in the van instead, and it might be a little tricky. We’ll figure it out, though. Safe T is awesome at Tetris and Jenga.


We were sleeping in the tent, but it got too cool one night, so now we sleep in the van exclusively. The smaller tent is currently a play area for Shelby, a place where she can keep all of her toys without having to put everything away neatly. The library (a wheelie bag full of books) is in there, too. The bigger tent still has the air mattress, because naps, and it’s tall enough that we can change in it, which is nice.


All in all, though, we don’t spend much time in the van or in the tents. We hang out outside. I go down to “the office,” a desk in a shade-cloth-covered hoop house, where I have power to plug in my laptop and wifi for work. Shelby likes to bring lots of toys and snacks and hang out in there with me. We also spend time with Farmer Tom and his wife, Paula, and Cliff Maynard, the resident artist in the woods and a friend we’ve known since Shelby was teeny tiny, and other people who swing by for a visit.


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