Coping with Targets

I’ve felt like I’ve got a target on my back for a long time now. We’ve made some unconventional decisions when it comes to parenting, and some people don’t agree with them. Some people are not in our life anymore because they’ve been vocal in their disagreement. We’re also going to use an unconventional method of home schooling. And there’s stories all over the internet about what happens to people with children who make unconventional decisions.

While we were living sort of in the middle of nowhere, it was easier. There was nobody to butt into our business. We only saw the people we wanted to see, when we wanted to see them.

But now we’re traveling in a van. We’ve chosen to live in a van instead of a house, which a lot of people think is downright crazy. We’re going to be seeing lots of different people all the time, from all walks of life. And on top of all of these unconventional choices we’ve made, Safe T is a medicinal cannabis user and he’s becoming something of a cannabis activist.

Targets, targets, targets.

So in order to deal with my discomfort, I’ve come to realize the only thing I can do is educate myself. I’m already somewhat educated on respectful parenting and unschooling and their benefits, but I need to be able to pull the information from the recesses of my brain and turn them into coherent, eloquent verbalizations at will.

Now, I need to educate myself on the benefits of living on the road, roadschooling, and the like, and the benefits of cannabis, medicinal in particular, but also in general.

I watched Safe T heal his digestive disease with cannabis and dietary changes. I watched the cannabis help him stop taking seven or eight different prescription drugs, even before we started making dietary changes. I watched him go from multiple ER visits per month (and frequent week-long hospitalizations) to no hospital visits of any kind for almost two years now. And I’ve met other people who have healed themselves with cannabis.

And now cannabis has been decriminalized in this state, and the laws are changing. Amazing things are going on. I need to educate myself.

Moreover, I need to be an outspoken advocate for our chosen lifestyle and all the things that entails. That’s the only way to get comfortable and stop feeling like there’s a target on my back.


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