A Day at the Beach

On the last really hot day of the summer, we spent the day at the beach. We checked the weather the day before and realized there was going to be one more hot day and then clouds and rain. We decided to pack up the van and head for Seaside, Oregon. We’d spend the night in the van and have breakfast at the beach.


It was dark when we got there. We stopped at Safeway and picked up a roasted chicken and some sides so we wouldn’t have to cook. We hung out in the parking lot while we ate. We thought about spending the night in the parking lot, but we noticed some sketchy characters looking in vehicle windows and just hanging around the parking lot. Cannon Beach was just a bit further down 101, so we decided to see if we could find a better place to park.


We drove through Cannon Beach and were happy to see some public restrooms and public parking lots, well within walking distance to the beach. The parking lots had “no overnight parking” signs, but we’d noticed some pull-outs along 101 just before Cannon Beach. In Oregon, it’s legal to sleep in your vehicle and park overnight anywhere that’s not a state park unless posted otherwise. We picked a pullout that was empty and right before the Cannon Beach exit, and that’s where we spent the night.


In the morning, we headed to a public parking area with a restroom, and we were lucky to find a vacant spot. We walked down to the beach to scope it out. There were plenty of people, but there was lots of room to find a quiet spot. Shelby got to get her feet wet, and we checked out the massive rocks out in the water.


We went back to the van to get all the things we probably should’ve brought with us the first time. Shelby wanted to bring a bunch of toys, so I told her she could bring whatever would fit in her lunchbox. She started trying to get her Barbies to fit as Safe T and I were getting everything ready to go. As we headed out, Shelby said we’d have to help her put her Barbies back together when we got to the beach. Turns out, she got her Barbies to fit by taking off their heads and legs.


We set up a tent and an umbrella so there would be shady spots for us and for the puppy, and then we got down to playing. We all went in the water. Even the puppy went in up to her belly, and she had a blast running around.


Shelby loved the water. She kept playing in the sand. We’d take her to the water and get her all rinsed off, then she would run back to the tent and dive into the sand, getting even sandier than she was before she got rinsed.


But Safe T got the sandiest.

PicMonkey Collage

We watched people flying kites and playing with dogs, and we played and relaxed and enjoyed the day. By early afternoon, we noticed clouds on the horizon, and we watched them get bigger and darker. Eventually, the wind started to pick up, and we decided it was time to go. By the time we packed up the tent and the food and all the toys, the wind was blowing hard and the clouds were getting closer. Just as we were pulling out the parking lot to head back to Vancouver, sprinkles started hitting the windshield. Good thing we left when we did!


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