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imageEverybody calls me Safe T, and that’s where I’m going to start my introduction.

I begin with the blessings that I have to look forward to each day I wake up.

Usually, dictated by my morning mood, I awake to find two smiling, fully active faces buzzing around the kitchen in their aprons, busily chatting about this “magic goodness” that has taken over my nostrils. Magic Mama at the stove and Magic Spark by her side on a chair, each with a whole morning of information for me to process from their adventures with the horses and other animals on the farm, and it puts me in the right state of mind every time I walk into the kitchen. When I’m half lazy from staying up too late and I witness them in this mode, buzzing to and fro, laughing and chopping and stirring together, it’s like a double shot of green juice that gets my day started!

I love that they enjoy cooking together, and the food smells good, and the dog is bouncy, and the music is playing in the background, and before I ever taste the super amazing mouthwatering creation they have created,
I know that it’s safe…
That’s my first thought.
“Man, this is gonna be good,” the voice in my head says, and I think, “I remember when I couldn’t even eat this…”
I love mornings in my home.

Here’s where it got sticky for me

Nov 2011, a few days before my 30th birthday, I became violently ill. It felt like my stomach was ripping apart. I’ll spare you readers the gory details; however, I ended up in the hospital and then had my gallbladder removed because they couldn’t find out why I was having these reactions.

Colonoscopies and test after test, I finally heard the words “we are not quite sure why you are having all these problems. However, we are going to medicate you and try to find an answer in a few months, for at the time being, your risk of cancer from our repeated tests is very high, so we will have to stop them until such time that it is safer to do so.”

The doctors wanted to put me on pills and wait until they could do more tests safely, and that sent shivers down my spine. I shut down instantly at that point and didn’t trust food or modern medicine. I became very strict about the food I put into my body because ultimately I saw the direct connection to how I felt on a daily basis when I ate certain foods–dairy, gluten, corn, and soy products, to name a few…

Mama and I started purging our daily diet of processed foods and sugars, and we calmly brought Magic Spark right along with us! The way i look at it, I am one of the lucky ones whose body shuts down at the physical act of eating the food traditionally labeled as the “standard American diet.”

As I see it, late 2011 became the start of what I call my “battle to the death with food,” and I feel I am winning the battle. I’ve made it back to a paleolithic diet, and that’s the first step.

A few things I’m proud of now, i.e. one long run-on sentence

I trust my food now because I know where it comes from. Mama and I take the time to do the research on why certain food isn’t good for our bodies, and we take the time to put the proper ingredients in our home to give us every advantage to succeed with our lifestyle choices. I’m not even worried about ever going back to the old eating habits we were raised with that were slowly harming us because we are doing that good at living a paleo lifestyle and we’ve done a good job at ridding our house of chemicals. I know we are giving Magic Spark the best possible chance at surviving the world that lies ahead of her by making sure to not put her intestinal system on the same downward spiral mine was on for 30 years.

All of this comes with a silver lining!

As a child, I always knew I would create with my hands. Because of the time I had when I was sick, I found that I had a knack for micro-macrame, and I now choose hemp most often as the medium I prefer to work with. Some may find me around the state of Washington peddling my wares at different markets, and now I spend countless hours in the kitchen, for which I am grateful, whipping up new recipes and testing new ways to enjoy real food.

I Sew, I Craft, I Cook, I Clean, I Garden, I Love, I Laugh, I Teach, & I Learn.

I like that we take the time to do things with more care than we ever used to, and my hope is that the information we post to this blog is as useful to your life as it was in saving mine.


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